Beautiful Eyelashes, Confident Look

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Beautiful Eyelashes, Confident Look
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"Esthecil concept was created in France when we saw that so many foreign girls are crazy about having magical eyelashes. Eyelash extensions not only bring girls charm and beauty, but more importantly, bring them happiness and confidence. We saw the difference and we want to make a difference, by giving girls in China the opportunity to become a super star. We dedicate in providing the most reliable eyelash extension service with high standard products and advanced techniques. We protect your primary lashes as much as you care yours."
- Thomas, CEO
Brand Story


The origin of Esthecil’s name and brand is French. The company is specialized in eyelash extensions and relevant professional cosmetic industry. Esthecil brand was founded in 2011, by Estelle who appreciates both French and Chinese culture. Indeed, eyelash extensions at Esthecil salon adapt to not only Chinese ladies’ eyes but also foreign ladies’ eyes.

Our story began from year 2004, when Estelle ran into a cosmetic exhibition, after which she was deeply attracted by the eyelash extensions and started focus on developing this newborn industry.

Estelle noticed that everyone is in the pursuit of beauty, especially girls. Regarding of beauty, long, luscious eyelashes obviously play an important role. Not only do the eyelashes enlighten one’s eyes, but also protect one’s eyes from dusts.

Eyelash extensions are an easy and relaxing procedure that significantly lengthens and thickens your own natural lashes. It is without doubt that, in the daily life, in comparison to mascara or eyelash curler, the eyelash extensions are way more convenient and natural-looking.

In order to bring Chinese girls stunning eyelashes and enhance their self-confidence, Estelle opened her first beautiful eyelash extension shop in Jing’an Yimei Plaza in 2005.

It is observed that lashes industry is in constant and rapid growth, and Estelle has gained more and more supporters. She went to Europe several times for further study, and acquired latest eyelash extensions techniques and ecological materials.

In 2011, Estelle went back to Shanghai bringing numerous lashes ideas and techniques adapted to Asian people. Estelle’s dream has always been giving joys and beauty to every woman. For this purpose, she wants a salon which is capable of doing eyelash extensions with a perfect result – comfortable and harmless to customers’ own lashes. Finally, in May 2012, after her long-term exploration and innovation in the lashes industry, Esthecil professional eyelashes extensions salon opened in the 2nd floor of Thumb Plaza, located in Pudong.

Estelle truly believes that her professional team will make more women happier and prettier.

Esthecil’s brand team conducted research deeply on the eyelash market, and discovered that South Korea not only has the pioneer products of eyelash extensions but also is a constantly innovative country for eyelashes techniques and products. These were the two main reasons why Estelle made the decision to import her professional lashes, glues, moisturizing masks and other products from South Korea. These imported lashes from South Korea are produced in high temperature and sterile environment, which are guaranteed for their excellent quality.

Esthecil has 1500 design choices, which means that customers can pick their favorite eyelash styles, curls, thicknesses, lengths and even colors.

The 0.07mm thick lashes are thinner than people’ original lashes. Esthecil also provides 3 others lashes thickness: 0.10mm、0.15mm、0.20mm. Esthecil also provides 3 kinds of curliness: J, C and D and 6 different styles, in order to satisfy every single customer (no matter of age, job or special needs). Having this large panel of choice, any customer can find her perfect, adapted lashes’ style according to her own preference and eyes condition.

Esthecil provides a comfortable environment in the salon, a high standard of techniques and a personalized service to all our customers. Esthecil already gained the trust of numerous guests thanks to the word of mouth.

Esthecil promises that we will continue pursuing the dream of our founder Estelle, by trying our best on satisfying customers’ every single need.