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80 lash extensions per eye 😍

The exact number of lash extensions you can get on an eye depends on your own natural lashes, not a set number. Here’s why:

  • Natural lash count: People naturally have between 80 and 120 lashes per eye. A good technician won’t overload your lashes, so the number of extensions will depend on how many healthy lashes you have.
  • Lash health: Only healthy lashes can support extensions. Weak or damaged lashes won’t hold extensions well and could be stressed by the weight.

So, while lash salons might advertise a “full set” with a specific number, it’s really a personalized application. A good technician will assess your lashes and recommend a safe number of extensions to achieve the desired fullness without damaging your natural lashes.

Here’s a rough range of what to expect:

  • Average: Technicians often aim for 60-100 extensions per eye for a full set, but this can vary.
  • Less is more: Some people prefer a more natural look and might opt for a lighter application, like a half set (around 50 extensions per eye).
  • Maximum safe application: Some salons might advertise sets with more extensions, but prioritize finding a technician who focuses on lash health and won’t overload your natural lashes.

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