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6 steps to experience Esthecil professional service
Book an Appointment

Book an appointment at least one day before coming. Don’t makeup before your appointment. 

Design your Eyelashes
At the salon, the eyelash stylist will check your own lashes status and ask your intention. The style, type, curl, thickness, length and volume of the lashes will be decided after the communication. For very sensitive skin people we can do a patch test to make sure you can can get eyelash extensions.
The full set process takes 60 mins to 90 mins, depends how dramatic you need for your look. The extension will last 2 weeks to 7 weeks base on the glue that match your eyes sensitiveness.

Sensitive glue : 2 to 3 weeks for sensitive eyes (if you got a reaction earlier a 48h patch test is recommended) Normal glue : 4 to 5 weeks for normal eyes Ultra glue : 6 to 7 weeks for whom use to do eyelash extensions regularly.

Satisfaction & Instructions
After the application process, the stylist will show you the result. We appreciate your feedback. Some instructions have to be followed just after a eyelash extensiosn sessions :– don’t put water on your new eyelash extensions within 3 hours– if you want go to swimming pool wait 24h as the glue will be totally dry after 24hours

In order to make the eyelash extenions last longueur bassically :– don’t use oily product on the lash extensions– use a eyelash brush to brush everyday your lash extensionYou can find Esthecil eyelash brush and Cil expert makeup remover special eyelash extensiosn in our salon. Don’t hesitate to ask our technician.

For full aftercare instruction, please read the following post.

Free refill
Each customer can have one time free refill service within 7 days after the extensions. If you can not come for the free refill for any reason (holidays, business trip etc ) we provide a refill with fee within 14 days. We don’t do any refill after 14 days as you own natural will grow and refill won’t give great results.  Anytime you need, you can come for a new set or removing the remaining lash extensions for free.


1500+ styles meet every need

At Esthecil, each time we design eyelash extensions we make sure the design fits your eye/face shape. Besides we also make sure the volume of the lash extensions won’t damage your own natural lashes.   

If you have some pictures of design you like don’t hesitate to bring them to our salon, we are going to tell you if we can do it and if it fits you 🙂


A, D and E fit natural look.

B and C create eyeliner effect.



Classic : the thinner the extensions are the more comfortable you feel.

Flat : thick but very soft and comfortable.

Y Shape : Very dramatic looks.

Russian Volume : Same as Y Shape, but with more nature looks


J curl : Natural effect.

C curl : Magnifying effect.

D curl : Superstar effect.


0.05mm : only Russian Volume

0.07mm : Classic lash and Y shape

0.10mm : Classic lash

0.15mm : Classic lash

0.20mm : Classic lash and Flat lash


8mm : All type of lash

9mm : All type of lash

10mm : All type of lash

11mm : All type of lash

12mm : All type of lash

13mm : All type of lash

15mm : only Classic lash


Same price what ever the volume you choose

Price depends on the type and thickness of the lash. So our price range is from 480 RMB (70$) to 980 RMB (140$). Moreover price is the same whatever the number of the lashes we apply ! Also 1 free refill (touch up) within 7 days is included !

Sometimes you do not come for the free refill because of holidays, business trip, lasting very well, etc; we provide a refill with fee 100 RMB (15$) within 14 days. Unlike what it is done in abroad (Us / Europe / Australia ), we don’t do any refill after 14 days as you own natural will grow and refill won’t give great results.  Anytime you need, you can come for a new set or removing the remaining lash extensions for free.

Lash TypeRegular PriceFirst timer price
(For every 100 RMB get 20RMB OFF)
Package Price X3
(-15% OFF)
1 Free Refill within 7 days
Reffil with Fee 100 RMB within 14 days.
1 Free Refill within 7 days
Refill with Fee 100 RMB within 14 days.
1 Free Refill within 10 days
Refill with Fee 80 RMB within 14 days.
Classic 0.20mm480 RMB 400 RMB 1200 RMB
Classic 0.15mm580 RMB 480 RMB1470 RMB
Classic 0.10mm680 RMB560 RMB1710 RMB
Classic 0.07mm780 RMB640 RMB1980 RMB
Y Shaped 0.07mm780 RMB640 RMB1980 RMB
Flat 0.20mm880 RMB720 RMB2250 RMB
Russian Volume 0.05mm980 RMB800 RMB2480 RMB

Finally for regular customer and eyelash addicts, we highly recommend our VIP card :

VIP 3X : 15% OFF
VIP Normal : 20% OFF
VIP Silver : 25% OFF
VIP Golden : 40% OFF

All membership provide 1 free refill within 10 days.

Please contact our salon for more information about our price and current promotion.


Before After Pictures



Save & high quality

Esthecil and its salons are only using professional products. Indeed, Esthecil’s products are all imported through the formal channels from South Korea, and pass the inspection and testing from the national authority. All products have company’s packaging logo contained company and product information in Chinese.

Premium Lashes
The lashes you love

They are of high-quality synthetic fiber material, purely handmade, and went through a 200-degree high temperature and a sterile environment. Their advantages are to be comfortable, soft, of natural curl and not easy to deform.

Large panel of choice:

As Esthecil consider that every woman’s eyes and desires are different from one another, we created an extremely large panel of choice, for the only purpose of satisfying every single one of our customer. Esthecil’s large panel of choice is composed of 3 kinds of curliness, 4 kinds of thickness, 6 different lengths.

þ┐╝þ¥Äþؽ õ╗Öõ╣ɵû»Õ║ù 2.0-22

Premium Glue
The glue you love

As said above, our three different glues are all of high-quality, imported from South Korea and have all passes the required certifications KC as well as the international ISO9001, and 2000 certification, guarantee safe and qualified as professional glue.

Take a look as the description of these three different glue which are all totally safe and controlled.

Anti-allergic Sensitive glue
Normal glue
Ultra super glue


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