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Six Things to Avoid after Eyelash Extensions

翼美睫提供的睫毛嫁接技术与眼妆有着完美的搭配,让您拥有自然的美丽外观。 浓密的睫毛打开瞬间放大了眼睛。 即使是喜欢自然裸妆的女性也不能否认睫毛嫁接带来的魅力。

Eyelash extensions by ESTHECIL are the perfect sidekick for a fresh, naturally beautiful look. There’s just something about the way full; thick lashes open up the eyes that just changes the face. Even women who only go for natural looks can’t deny the power of a good lash install.

所以,在睫毛嫁接之后,由于不适当的护理,影响了睫毛的效果是很可惜的, 为了让您的假睫毛保持更久,需要注意以下6点

So after getting some amazing lashes extensions, it’s going to be heartbreaking if your beautiful lashes quickly lose their effect due to improper care. Here are 6 things you need to avoid to have your eyelash extensions last long.



Water and Steam

3小时以内,睫毛不要碰到水。 对于桑拿浴室,泳池或海滩,在嫁接后至少等待24小时,以避免睫毛粘性变弱。 嫁接后马上洗澡和桑拿,蒸汽会影响胶水的粘合力,并使睫毛开始脱落。

Wait 3 hours before putting water on your lashes. For saunas, pools or beach wait at least 24 hours after getting an install to avoid the lash bond getting weak. The water pressure from showers, and steam from saunas immediately after an install will weaken the bond and make the lash begin to lift away.




如果您的睫毛已经被嫁接,您几乎不需要使用睫毛膏。 特别是防水的睫毛膏容易破坏睫毛与胶水的粘性,但如果您必须要使用睫毛膏,建议使用不防水的,容易清洗的水性睫毛膏。

If your lashes have been properly applied, there would hardly be any need for you to apply mascara. Mascara especially waterproof can ruin the lash bond but if you have to use one, use a water-based mascara.



Oil-based products

像防水睫毛膏一样,油性产品会减少假睫毛寿命。 如油类卸妆液,油性防嗮喷雾和面油等产品会明显降低胶水和假睫毛之间的黏合力。

Like mascara, oily products can reduce your lash life. Products like oil-based makeup removers, spray tans,   and face oils can significantly weaken the bond between the lash glue and lash line.



Eyelash Curlers


Do not attempt to use curlers for your eyelashes since these can break both the natural and eyelash extensions.



Rubbing or Pulling

我们都知道现在的您睫毛非常漂亮,那就尽量不要触摸它们。揉搓您的眼睛会很快破坏美睫师做的所有努力。 使睫毛过早地掉落。 洗完澡后,要小心地擦掉水份。不要拉扯假睫毛。 这会导致剩余的睫毛不完美。 此外,这也会让您疼痛

I know your lashes are gorgeous and enticing but try not to touch them. Rubbing your eyes would quickly damage all the hard work done by your lash expert. It makes them shed prematurely. You should wash your face gently when you take away foundation or powder and pat your eyelids with care after shower. Don’t pull your lashes neither. It would result in not-so-beautiful eyelashes left. Plus, that would be painful and provoke burning sensations.



Sleeping on your stomach


Finally avoid sleeping directly on your new lashes because of frictions on the extensions can lead to more eyelash loss.

那么,有了这些提醒,您的睫毛就可以像刚做过的一样,长时间保持美丽的状态。 这是微笑的好理由,对吧?

Well, with these tips, you should keep your great eyelashes long time and be as beautiful as ever. That’s a good reason to smile, right?

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